So... Let's blog

I've been trying so hard to start this blog.
My point is ... when I start, I just don't know how to proceed, what to write, how to write it, and who cares about it.
Well, lets be honest, at this point I think I am the only person I read this so what the h...k I'll just start writing and be myself talking to myself.
And who knows, if I keep it up there might be some interest in the future by other readers as well.

So who am I? And what have I decided to write here?

o- I'm Fenia, fashion photographer based in Greece, who decided 3 years ago to open an Etsy shop, my beWoolen and share her knitwear experiments with the rest of the world.
I must admit I love it, it challenges me and keeps me calm and sane at the same time.


o- So, I first started this blog to share my latest designs. 
I got bored in a giffy... and erased my posts.
And then... tried again and, guess what? I got bored again. 😐
So, this time I'm not gonna do the same mistake. Instead I will share other interests I have from time to time (and I have many).

--> Just keep in mind, for those who might be reading, I may do many errors as English is not my native language, but I think I'm understandable, at least to me 😍

o- I want to keep this particular post short, as an intro, before I move on to my hobby sharings.
In case you are reading, you are welcome to follow so you won't loose my exciting journey through my blog post challenge...!

See you later... 💕
Till then         


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