The latest "knitting" planner addiction

I always had a "thing" with planners, notebooks, journals, office supplies, stickers etc...
I literally own hundrends of them and their accessories (pens, washi tapes, pencils and the list is going long).
You see, I    L O V E    decorating my notes and knitting journals (those are where I write all my own patterns)

o - So lately I have been addicted on creating my own "knitting planner" for 2019, in photoshop. 
When it comes to photoshop I have to say I'm really good when it comes to fashion and portrait retouching.       

o  - But planner creation? Graphics? Nooooo. I'm a total newbie and a dumb one I might add. Check out my first attempt, but hey, it is NOT ready yet. I still have to decide on the sizes, on the graphics and if I like the overall feeling of it. 
What do you think of it so far?

Ok, see you later ;)


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